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Composition Forum: Volume 28: Fall 2013

Special Issue: Veterans and Writing
Guest Editors: Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Michelle Ballif, Alexis Hart, and Roger Thompson


Writing and Healing from Trauma: An Interview with James Pennebaker
Molly Hurley Moran

Reacting Responsibly to Veterans in the Writing Classroom: An Interview with Marilyn Valentino
Alexis Hart and Roger Thompson


“Held Together by Memories and Archives”: A Retrospective on an Interview with Susan Miller
Anis Bawarshi and Mary Jo Reiff


Residence Time and Military Workplace Literacies
Sue Doe and William W. Doe, III (LTC, US Army, Ret.)

“The Military Taught Me Something about Writing”: How Student Veterans Complicate the Novice-to-Expert Continuum in First-year Composition
Corrine Hinton

Veterans as Adult Learners in Composition Courses
Michelle Navarre Cleary and Kathryn Wozniak

Writing with Veterans in a Community Writing Group
Eileen E. Schell

Program Profile

A Class For Vets, Not By a Vet: Developing a Veteran-Friendly Composition Course at City College of San Francisco
Darren Keast


Hearing, Not Just Listening To, Student Veterans: A Review of Two Web-Based Initiatives
Mariana Grohowski

Experience, Remembrance, Writing: Teaching War Writing in a Time of War
Lydia Wilkes

Previous issue: Vol 27, Spring 2013.