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Composition Forum: Volume 32: Fall 2015

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Mary Jo Reiff, and Anis Bawarshi


Democratizing Writing: Reflections on the Great Revolution, A Conversation with Thomas Newkirk
Michael Michaud


Valuing the Literate Skills and Knowledge of Academic Outsiders: A Retrospective on Two Basic Writing Case Studies
Deborah Mutnick and Shannon Carter


Response to Heather Lindenman’s ‘Inventing Metagenres’: Clarifications and Questions for Future Research
Kathleen Blake Yancey, Liane Robertson, and Kara Taczak

Response to Yancey, Robertson, and Taczak
Heather Lindenman


Mapping the Resourcefulness of Sources: A Worknet Pedagogy
Derek Mueller

Anecdotal Relations: On Orienting to Disability in the Composition Classroom
Stephanie Kerschbaum

From Logic to Rhetoric: A Contextualized Pedagogy for Fallacies
Anne-Marie Womack

Resistance and Identity Formation: The Journey of the Graduate Student-Teacher
Jennifer Grouling

The Virtual Workplace Ethnography: Positioning Student Writers as Knowledge Makers
Jeff Sommers

(Teaching) Essayist Literacy in the Multimedia World
Santosh Khadka

Film in the Advanced Composition Classroom: A Tapestry of Style
Pearce Durst

Program Profiles

eComp at the University of New Mexico: Emphasizing 21st Century Literacies in an Online Composition Program
Tiffany Bourelle and Andrew Bourelle

The Source of Our Ethos: Using Evidence-Based Practices to Affect a Program-Wide Shift from “I Think” to “We Know”
Elizabeth G. Allan, Dana Lynn Driscoll, D.R. Hammontree, Marshall Kitchens, and Lori Ostergaard

Fostering Research Identities in Two-Course Writing Sequences: A Curricular Perspective
Thomas Sura

Assessment as Living Documents of Program Identity and Institutional Goals: A Profile of Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Composition Program
Daniel Reardon and Alexander Wulff


Review of Paul Lynch’s After Pedagogy: The Experience of Teaching
Pegeen Reichert Powell

Review of Elizabeth Losh and Jonathan Alexander’s Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing
Nathan Wagner

Review of Ben Rafoth’s Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers
Michael Pak

Review of Barbara Monroe’s Plateau Indian Ways With Words: The Rhetorical Tradition of the Tribes of the Inland Northwest
Daniel Cole

Previous issue: Vol 31, Spring 2015.