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Composition Forum: Volume 34: Summer 2016

Special Issue: Emotion
Guest Editor: Lance Langdon
Editorial Assistant: Allison Dziuba

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Mary Jo Reiff, Anis Bawarshi, and Lance Langdon


The Passions of Rhetoric and Composition: An Interview with Daniel M. Gross
Lance Langdon


Staying with Emotion
Laura R. Micciche


States, Traits, and Dispositions: The Impact of Emotion on Writing Development and Writing Transfer Across College Courses and Beyond
Dana Lynn Driscoll and Roger Powell

An Unnecessary Divorce: Integrating the Study of Affect and Emotion in New Media
Julie D. Nelson

Textbook Pathos: Tracing a Through-Line of Emotion in Composition Textbooks
Tim Jensen

Why Well-Being, Why Now?: Tracing an Alternate Genealogy of Emotion in Composition
Jill Belli

Writing Pedagogies of Empathy: As Rhetoric and Disposition
Eric Leake

Engaging a “Pedagogy of Discomfort”: Emotion as Critical Inquiry in Community-Based Writing Courses
Julie Prebel

Healing Classrooms: Therapeutic Possibilities in Academic Writing
Benjamin Batzer

Reflections on Emotional Labor

First, Do No Harm: Teaching Writing in the Wake of Traumatic Events
Sarah DeBacher and Deborah Harris-Moore

Unbalancing Acts: Plagiarism as Catalyst for Instructor Emotion in the Composition Classroom
Ann E. Biswas

From Zero to Sixty: A Survey of College Writing Teachers’ Grading Practices and the Affect of Failed Performance
Jacob Babb and Steven J. Corbett

Writing Center Administration and/as Emotional Labor
Rebecca Jackson, Jackie Grutsch McKinney, and Nicole I. Caswell

Training for Triggers: Helping Writing Center Consultants Navigate Emotional Sessions
Alison Perry

Assignments in Emotional Literacy

The Real/Ideal Research Project: Fostering Students’ Emotional Literacy
Christine Martorana

Taco Literacies: Ethnography, Foodways, and Emotions through Mexican Food Writing
Steven Alvarez

Countering Institutional Success Stories: Outlaw Emotions in the Literacy Narrative
Rosanne Carlo

Talking about Happiness: Interview Research and Well-Being
Jennifer Campbell


Review of Christy Wenger’s Yoga Minds, Writing Bodies: Contemplative Writing Pedagogy
Roxanne Rashedi

Review of Zizi Papacharissi’s Affective Publics: Sentiment, Technology and Politics
Candice Rai

Previous issue: Vol 33, Spring 2016.