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Composition Forum: Volume 42: Fall 2019

From the Editors
Christian Weisser and Greg Giberson


Being a Part of the Conversation: Reflections from Diana George
Libby Anthony


‘Transfer Talk’ in Talk about Writing in Progress: Two Propositions about Transfer of Learning
Rebecca S. Nowacek, Bridget Bodee, Julia E. Douglas, Will Fitzsimmons, Katherine A. Hausladen, Megan Knowles, and Molly Nugent

Building Structure and Thinking Design in First-Year Composition
Vivian Y. Kao

Writing the Boundaries: Boundary-Work in First-Year Composition
Dylan Medina

Writing Instruction and Measures of Quality of Education in Canadian Universities: Trends and Best Practices
Laura Reave

Service before Self: Military Leadership and Definitions of Service for Composition Studies
Laura J. Davies

“The Text is the Thing”: Graduate Students in Literature and Cultural Conceptions of Literacy
Meaghan Brewer

Program Profiles

Activity Theory as Tool for WAC Program Development: Organizing First-Year Writing and Writing-Enriched Curriculum Systems
Crystal N. Fodrey, Meg Mikovits, Chris Hassay, and Erica Yozell

Collaborative Tactics in a Globally Focused Cocurricular Writing Program
Jacquelyn Hoermann-Elliott, Sarah Ruffing Robbins, Whitney Lew James, and Meagan Gacke Reed


Review of Barbara Bird, Doug Downs, I. Moriah McCracken, and Jan Reiman’s Next Steps: New Directions for/in Writing about Writing
Christopher Iverson

Review of Casey Boyle’s Rhetoric as a Posthuman Practice
Madison Jones

Review of J. Michael Rifenburg’s The Embodied Playbook: Writing Practices of Student-Athletes
S. Andrew Stowe

Review of Cheryl Glenn and Roxanne Mountford’s Rhetoric and Writing Studies in the New Century: Historiography, Pedagogy, and Politics
Anne Turner

Previous issue: Vol 41, Spring 2019.