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Composition Forum: Volume 47: Fall 2021

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Ashley Holmes, and Faith Kurtyka


Teaching-for-Transfer and the Two-Year College Teacher-Scholar: An Interview with Howard Tinberg
Anna Hensley


Echoes of Distant Voices: A Retrospective on Technological Days of Future Past
Chris M. Anson


Ethos and Dwelling in the University: Using Online Writing Projects to Help Students Navigate Institutional Spaces and Classroom Experiences
Matthew Kelly and Tara Propper

Mapping a Network: A Posthuman Look at Rhetorical Invention
Brent Lucia

Welling Desire and Affective Rupture: Helping Students Become Hopeful Writers
Amy D. Williams

“Your Grammar is All Over the Place”: Translingual Close Reading, Anti-Blackness, and Racial Literacy among Multilingual Student Writers in First Year Writing
Sophie R. Bell

Rhetorical Training Across the University: What and Where Students and Alumni Learn about Writing
Julia Bleakney, Li Li, Emily Holland, Paula Rosinski, and Jessie L. Moore

Correlating What We Know: A Mixed Methods Study of Reflection and Writing in First-Year Writing Assessment
Jeff Pruchnic, Ellen Barton, Sarah Primeau, Thomas Trimble, Nicole Varty, and Tanina Foster

Program Profiles

Redesigning Graduate Composition Courses for Justice: A Case Model for Promoting Access, Inclusivity, and Trauma-Informed Pedagogy
Bridget Gelms, James Gilligan, Robert Kohls, Tara Lockhart, and Mark Roberge

The Black Ink Project
Nathaniel Norment, Jr.


Review of Paul Butler, The Writer’s Style: A Rhetorical Field Guide
Jon Udelson

Review of Robert Eddy and Amanda Espinosa-Aguilar’s Writing Across Cultures
Janissa Marie Analissia Martinez

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