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Composition Forum: Volume 38: Spring 2018

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Mary Jo Reiff, and Anis Bawarshi


We Cannot Teach Composition in Isolation; Anything We Say is Culturally Shaped: An Interview with Shirley Wilson Logan
Nabila Hijazi


Evolving Conceptions of Genre among First-Year Writing Teachers
Christine M. Tardy, Rachel Hall Buck, Madelyn Pawlowski, and Jennifer R. Slinkard

Clarifying the Multiple Dimensions of Monolingualism: Keeping Our Sights on Language Politics
Missy Watson and Rachael Shapiro

Teaching and Learning Threshold Concepts in a Writing Major: Liminality, Dispositions, and Program Design
R. Mark Hall, Mikael Romo, and Elizabeth Wardle

Towards a Model of Building Writing Transfer Awareness across the Curriculum
Dan Fraizer

The Politics of Academic Language: Towards a Framework for Analyzing Language Representations in FYC Textbooks
Alisa LaDean Russell

Cognitive Presence in FYC: Collaborative Learning that Supports Individual Authoring
Mary K. Stewart

Program Profiles

Implementing Writing Intensive Gen Ed Seminars at a Small, Catholic University
Lisbeth Chapin


Review of James A. Herrick’s Visions of Technological Transcendence: Human Enhancement & the Rhetoric of the Future
Sid Dobrin

Review of Nicole B. Wallack’s Crafting Presence: The American Essay and the Future of Writing Studies
Sandie Friedman

Review of Debra Hawhee’s Rhetoric in Tooth and Claw: Animals, Language, Sensation
Christopher Justice

Previous issue: Vol 37, Fall 2017.