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Composition Forum: Volume 37: Fall 2017

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Jody Shipka, Anis Bawarshi, and Mary Jo Reiff


Forty Years and More: Reminiscences with Sharon Crowley
Ryan Skinnell, Judy Holiday, Andrea Alden, and Kendall Gerdes


The Concept of Discourse Community: Some Recent Personal History
John M. Swales


Writing through Big Data: New Challenges and Possibilities for Data-Driven Arguments
Aaron Beveridge

Dwelling in the Ruins: Recovering Student Use of Metaphor in the Posthistorical University
Daniel P. Richards

Co-Constructing Writing Knowledge: Students’ Collaborative Talk Across Contexts
Misty Anne Winzenried, Lillian Campbell, Roger Chao, Alison Cardinal

Worlding Genres through Lifeworld Analysis: New Directions for Genre Pedagogy and Uptake Awareness
Angela Rounsaville

Genre, Reflection, and Multimodality: Capturing Uptake in the Making
Jaclyn M. Fiscus

Queering Time and Space: Donald Murray as Introvert Whisperer
D. Shane Combs

Program Profiles

Cultivating Change from the Ground Up: Developing a Grassroots Programmatic Assessment
Maria Conti, Rachel LaMance, and Susan Miller-Cochran

New Jersey City University’s College of Education Writing Assessment Program: Profile of a Local Response to a Systemic Problem
Audrey Fisch

Getting ‘Writing Ready’ at the University of Washington: Developing Metacognition at a Time of Academic Transition
Jennifer Eidum Zinchuk


Review of Kelly Susan Bradbury’s Reimagining Popular Notions of American Intellectualism: Literacy, Education, Class
Ryan Skinnell

Review of Nichole E. Stanford’s Good God but You Smart!: Language Prejudice and Upwardly Mobile Cajuns
Amanda Sladek

Review of Bruce Horner, Brice Nordquist, and Susan M. Ryan’s Economies of Writing: Revaluations in Rhetoric and Composition
Cynthia Johnson

Previous issue: Vol 36, Summer 2017.