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Composition Forum: Volume 50: Fall 2022

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Ashley Holmes, and Faith Kurtyka


No, Really: Teach Writing as a Process not Product
Michael Michaud and Doug Downs, featuring Molly Howard, Jason Palmeri, James Zebroski, Elizabeth Blomstedt, Keith W. Mathias, Bee Chamcharatsri, Tim Taylor, and Donald Murray


Mindful Practice & Metacognitive Awareness in the Writing Class: A Quantitative Pilot Research Study
Kate Chaterdon

Exploring First-Year Writing Students’ Emotional Responses Towards Multimodal Composing and Sharing Academic Work with Online Public Audiences
Melanie Gagich

Responding for Transfer
Dan Melzer

How About a Sixth Mode? Expanding Multimodal Pedagogy for Multilingual Students
Christine Martorana

Writing Program Administration Embodied: Public-Facing Performativity in Times of Trauma
Jessie Blackburn

Understanding Self-Efficacy in FYW: Students’ Belief in their Own Ability to Succeed in Postsecondary Writing Classrooms
Sam Hamilton and Anastasiya Kalyuk

Program Profiles

Writing in the Dark: Keeping the Lights on in Writing Centers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
April Toadvine, Rasheedah Jenkins, and Christine Jeansonne

Rethinking the Rhet Comp PhD: An Interdisciplinary and Rhetoric-Centered Approach to Graduate Studies at Clemson University
Hannah Taylor, Haley Swartz, Jacob Richter, and Mary McDermott


Review of Ellen Carillo’s The Hidden Inequities of Labor-Based Contract Grading
Charles Carroll

Review of Allison Harper Hitt’s Rhetorics of Overcoming: Rewriting Narratives of Disability and Accessibility in Writing Studies
Leslie R. Anglesey

Review of Alexandria L. Lockett, Iris D. Ruiz, James Chase Sanchez, and Christopher Carter’s Race, Rhetoric, and Research Methods
Madeline Crozier

Review of Ellen C. Carillo and Alice S. Horning’s Teaching Critical Reading and Writing in the Era of Fake News
Mallory Pladus

Review of Amanda Licastro and Benjamin Miller’s Composition and Big Data
John J. Silvestro

Review of Lockhart et al.’s Literacy and Pedagogy in an Age of Misinformation and Disinformation
Kaitlyn Samons

Previous issue: Vol 49, Summer 2022.