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Composition Forum: Volume 49: Summer 2022

The Discourse-Based Interview: Forty Years of Exploring the Tacit Knowledge of Writers
Neil Baird and Bradley Dilger

List of Contributors

Retrospective Interview

“Essential Allies in the Construction of Knowledge”: A Conversation with Lee Odell, Dixie Goswami, and Anne Herrington
Neil Baird and Bradley Dilger

Reprint of The Discourse-Based Interview

The Discourse-Based Interview: A Procedure for Exploring the Tacit Knowledge of Writers in Nonacademic Settings
Lee Odell, Dixie Goswami, and Anne Herrington

Review Essay: Troubling the Tacit

Troubling the Tacit: A Review Essay of Harry Collins’s (2010) Tacit and Explicit Knowledge
Timothy R. Amidon

Articles: New Contexts and New Writers

From Tacit Myth to Explicit Lurking: Using Discourse-Based Interviews to Empirically Confront the Mythologized *Standard English Eel
Sarah Johnson

Understanding Multilingual Migrant Writers in Disaster Recovery through Discourse-Based Interviews
Soyeon Lee

Articles: Innovations and Evolution

“My Job is Killing Me:” Discourse-Based Interviews Reframed for Linguistic Discursive Research
Jo Angouri and Ifigeneia Machili

Tech Trajectories: A Methodology for Exploring the Tacit Knowledge of Writers Through Tool-Based Interviews
Gwendolynne Reid, Christopher Kampe, and Kathleen M. Vogel

Approaches, Practices, & Applications: New Contexts and New Writers

Negotiating Traditions and Charting a Different Future at an HBCU: The Composition and Speech Program at Delaware State University
Bhushan Aryal, Brody Bluemel, and A. Myrna Nurse

Discourse-Based Interviews in Institutional Ethnography: Uncovering the Tacit Knowledge of Peer Tutors in the Writing Center
Madeline Crozier and Erin Workman

Pedagogical Approaches and Critical Reflections: Adapting the Discourse-Based Interview in a Graduate-Level Field Methods Course
Rachael Jordan, Mika Stepankiw, and Rebecca J. Rickly

The Discourse-Based Interview on Twitch: Methods for Studying the Tacit Knowledge of Game Developers
Rich Shivener, Jessica Oliveira Da Silva, and Anika Rahman

Approaches, Practices, & Applications: New Approaches & Practices

A Queer Rhetorics Framework for Discourse-Based Interviews
Joshua Barsczewski

Participant Coding in Discourse-Based Interviews Capable of Supporting the Inferences Required to Describe a Theory of Transfer
Hogan Hayes and Carl Whithaus

Multiple Forms of Representation: Using Maps to Triangulate Students’ Tacit Writing Knowledge
├Źde O’Sullivan, D. Alexis Hart, Ashley J. Holmes, Anna V. Knutson, Yogesh Sinha, and Kathleen Blake Yancey

Tacit Knowledge, Reading Practices, and Visual Rhetoric: A Feminist Application of Eye Tracking and Stimulated Recall Methods on Comic Books
Aimee E. Vincent

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