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Composition Forum: Volume 52: Fall 2023

From the Editors
Christian Weisser, Ashley Holmes, and Faith Kurtyka


On Play, Mindfulness, and Tending to Complication: A Conversation with Jackie Rhodes
Derek Tanios Mkhaiel


Janet Emig’s “Composing Aloud” Method: Reflecting on a Fifty-Year Legacy
Paul Butler, Lea Colchado-Joaquin, Rand Khalil, Ann O’Bryan, Dalel Serda, and Virginia Mixon Swindell


Playing with Mêtis, or, Cultivating Cunning in the Composition Classroom
Elizabeth Caravella

“These Posts Would Circulate Because People Love Complaining”: Adjusting Composition Pedagogies in an Era of Virality
John Silvestro

Marginalized Students Need to Write about Their Lives: Meaningful Assignments for Analysis and Affirmation
Nancy Mack

Providing Peer Feedback as a Threshold Concept for Writing Transfer
Denise Comer

Engaging Graduate Instructors in Composition Theory through Reflective Writing
Meridith Reed and Amy D. Williams

Investigating Perspectives: The Impact of a Custom Common Textbook on FYW Instructors
Jessa M. Wood

Program Profiles

English Language Learner Writing Center: Supporting Multilingual Students and Faculty who Teach them
Larysa Bobrova

Grappling with an Evolving Field: Developing an Undergraduate Writing Minor in Science Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Karen J. Lunsford and Amanda Stansell


Review of Greg Giberson, Megan Schoen, and Christian Weisser’s Behind the Curtain of Scholarly Publishing: Editors in Writing Studies
Paul Butler, Erin Cadenhead, Lea Colchado-Joaquin, Ann O’Bryan, Rand Khalil, Dalel Serda, and Virginia Swindell

Review of Melissa Nicolas and Anna Sicari’s Our Body of Work: Embodied Administration and Teaching
Sarah Fischer

Review of James Rushing Daniel’s Toward an Anti-Capitalist Composition
Kerry M. Smith

Previous issue: Vol 51, Spring 2023.